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General questions

For general questions regarding the IsoArcH project, please email the team at or use the contact form below.

Dataset sharing by email

Users can send to the project team datasets that they would like to integrate to IsoArcH. In this case, users are invited to fill out the form below (Excel format) and return it by email at For large datasets, users should send the files via email as an attachment in PDF (.pdf) or Excel format (.csv, .xsl, .xslx) at the previous address , the project team will manage to add the data in IsoArcH.

Click here to download the Blank Form for New Batch.

Click here to download a Filled Form exemplifying how to fill the blank form. 

Reporting issues

IsoArcH is committed to provide a wide-ranging dataset free of any kind of errors. Nevertheless, we are aware that some mistakes or technical problems may still occur. Therefore, if you wish to contribute to the improvement the existing database,  you are welcome to send your comments, suggestions, or corrections to the project team at or via the contact form below.


Users are strongly encouraged to share their impressions about IsoArcH with the project team. Their comments and suggestions could contribute to the ongoing improvement of the IsoArcH website (functionalities, databases, maps, designs, etc.). In order to do so, please send your feedback by email at

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